Friday, March 16, 2012

10 Tips for Building Your Brand Using Social Media Marketing

In today's culturally active world, marketing your company using public networks is becoming a better, and faster, way than most other techniques used. It's no secret top brands like Soft drink, Cola, Domino's Pizzas, for example, are using public networks to make better and greater item awareness. Often to help launch new goods and solutions. To ask for, and get, assistance and item feedback.

Using public networks, such as Facebook or myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn, allow you to reach out to viewers you may, otherwise, had no access to. Instantly providing customers, prospects and supporters with details. Which, in turn, provides you and your biz with a quick response. Saving your money lost on more slowly techniques.

On the other hand, using public media well, can help build your company fast. Brand it as a solid remedy - in fact the only remedy - in a sea of competition.

What's a brand?

The American Promotion Association (AMA) describes it as a "name, term, sign, symbol, design, (or mixture thereof)". Created to help identify the particular goods and solutions a organization offers, or the organization itself. Terms which, used repeatedly, begin to set those product/s - that organization - apart from others in its category.

Once you decide to item your company, first determine what concept best represents your organization, its goods and solutions. Keep it concise and clear. Stay consistent. Use the same, or similar, vocabulary to explain your organization in feedback, marketing messages and posts, for example.

Your concept should involve a mixture of organization image, features and expertise. In short, using these words continuously, when explaining your organization, eventually causes them to become included in the minds of customers, prospects and supporters. The language most used when others refer to your organization - your item.

Here's 10 Tips for using public media to item your biz:

1. Use your Facebook or myspace Fan Web page as a spot to item your company. Existing items and/or solutions. Provide hyperlinks to a website with more details.

2. Include simple informative articles about your goods and solutions on your FB Fan or information page. Weblink a current biz relevant weblog to your LinkedIn information page. Don't always have time to blog? Use a guest blog writer.

3. Regularly discuss hyperlinks to valuable, relevant content, resources, case backgrounds, for example, on your main company or information page.

4. Always invite buddies to 'like' your page, twitter, discuss with their LinkedIn relationships.

5. Publish forms. Ask for suggestions and input on items or solutions. Publish the information.

6. Add relevant photos and graphics with feedback or explanations beneath them.

7. Use every opportunity to write items or solutions information on buddies and biz relationships public media pages. That includes blogs.

8. Ask another professional to interview you about your products/services. Record it and post a hyperlink to it on your Facebook or myspace or LinkedIn page, for example.

9. Create, post and offer item relevant events.

10. Listen to and evaluate what customers say about your goods and solutions. Always respond to questions. Answer complaints immediately.